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Nebosh Course

Nebosh HSW

Course Overview NEBOSH Health and Safety at Work Qualification

This qualification is an ideal first step towards other higher level NEBOSH qualifications including NEBOSH’s International General Certificate and National General Certificate.

The qualification is designed to meet the needs of an international audience. There is no content on UK law. The multiple choice assessment is currently available in English, Arabic, Mandarin and Russian.

HSW 1: Workplace Safety Foundations

    The Foundations Of Health & Safety
    The Responsibility For Health & Safety
    Health & Safety Risk Assessment And Control
    Hazards & Controls Associated With Work Equipment
    Transport Safety
    Hazards & Controls Associated With Working With Electricity
    Fire Safety
    Hazards & Controls Associated With Manual Handling And Repetitive Movement.
    Hazards & Controls Associated With Hazardous Substances
    Hazards & Controls Associated With Environment.
    HSW 2: Workplace Risk Assessment

    Practical Assessment Record

Unit HSW 2 is the workplace-based risk assessment activity


One hour multiple choice examination (HSW 1) + Practical Assessment (HSW 2)


On successful completion (60% for both the multiple choice paper (HSW 1) and the practical application unit HSW2), you will receive a NEBOSH HSW qualification parchment issued from Nebosh UK
Approximate 45 days from examination.

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